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Together We Grow the Roots of Community Resilience

We are a small 501c3 nonprofit that believe that challenges present an ideal opportunity for community-supported agriculture. We hope to empower the community by using agriculture as a platform to promote education, environmental sustainability, and accessible and affordable produce while simultaneously reducing socioeconomic disparity.

The St. Phillip Garden of Peace and Community Farm


Project is a community focused initiative addressing the issues of food insecurity through community engagement, partnerships and sustainable practices. This local urban farm will provide residents from marginalized communities access to healthy foods, education regarding the nutritional benefits of eating fresh produce and physical and mental health benefits to reduce risks of obesity, coronary heart disease, glycemic control and diabetes.

We are currently funded by grants and private donations. Please click here if you are interested in supporting our efforts. 

We rely so much on our wonderful volunteers and without their dedication and hard work, we wouldn't be growing and where we are today.

Thank you and stay safe!

Our mission is to grow local and urban agriculture, improve community health and wealth while reducing socioeconomic and health disparities, to explore concepts of food sovereignty within an urban setting while promoting food justice, environmental justice and social justice.  

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